Stories Of The Frontier

by A House, A Home

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released January 18, 2012

Produced, Engineered and Mixed by Steven Tracy
at Glow In The Dark Studios in Atlanta, Georgia

Mastered by Fernando Rivas at OG7 Studios in Tucson, Arizona

All songs composed by
Kyle Seyler, Tyler Akin, Justin Tornberg, Bryan Fraunfelter, Steven Tracy
All lyrics written by Tyler Akin

Special thanks to:
Ken and Leslie Anderson, David Dunmyre, Amy and Jerry Harris, Rolly and Linda Fraunfelter, Marty Akin



all rights reserved


A House, A Home Tucson, Arizona

A House, A Home:
Tyler Akin
Kyle Seyler
Joel Crocco
Bryan Fraunfelter
Jesse Stone
Justin Tornberg

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Track Name: Different Shades Of Black And White
I would say the right phrase, the right tone all my days
If I knew what you needed
But your gaze is pale with no fire left to warm me up
And you're thinking in all different shades of black and white

Are you coming? Are you leaving?

You want the best of both worlds but honey
Its gotta boil down
So you cry your eyes but its not here or there
Track Name: Blue
This is the part where our eyes meet
This is the part where I look at my feet
This is the part where I think you're too good for me

I must confess I was on my way out
Not too impressed with all the drunks making out
Was about to leave, then you gave a reason to stay

Blue, to fit her bonnie hair
Blue, a match for matchless eyes
Blue, was my old heart 'til I saw you

This is the part where we like the same songs
This is the part where we move along
This is the part where we sing along blissfully

I must confess that my heart's still bruised
And I'm not too impressed with how your gender screws
With my little head
She said, "Shut up, you think too much. But not enough."

When will I see you again?
May I have a matchbook and a pen?
A call would be nice
You looked lovely tonight
Track Name: Recovery
I don't get too high or low
But I can still feel your heartbeat close
They put me on some pills you know
Every day a different shade of grey
If happiness is just a choice
Then why can't I feel like a have a voice?

I've come to the place where I know things aren't gonna be the way they were
So I'll take you as you are for better or worse
Lets celebrate our recovery

Hallelujah, the moon is out
I'll sing it to you, Hallelujah, 'til my lungs run out

Every day is the same
Take a drag and say your name
Curl up tight and sleep all day
Just wishing you would say
It's alright, we're ok, you never leave my thoughts, you never leave my mind
Track Name: The Good Looking
All the good looking girls go out to the city
To meet with good looking boys who make them feel pretty
They'll dress in their best but won't have to look far
As the girls who don't feel so pretty

He walks to the bar with a cheer on his face
But under the mask he feels out of place
He'll try too hard for the girl who won't care
But a thousand times he's been there

I woke up to the sadness that was taunting me
He was telling me tomorrow you'll be 43
And I got so scared of what I thought he could do
The only hope worth sharing was the thought of me and you
Track Name: Your Face, The Screen
Take your time coming home you know I'll be
Waiting up watching shows on the T.V.
Blank pages line the floor in the long hallway
Its like the gap between me and you everyday
I barely get what you're calling me out on

I want to come over
I'm sick of seeing your face on the screen
And we can talk this over
Your sober eyes are just what I need

So come close if you think you are able
My mind races at the thought of you sitting near
We can talk about politics or the weather
Whichever's better, never sever, seven more minutes
I barely get all the people you count on

I can always make time
I barely get how you're wrapping me up so
Track Name: Birds
I hope you fly on a plane and come back here soon
We miss you around here
But if you can't find a plane
I know some birds who'd be happy to let you tag along

So tie a rope to their feet
And let them bring you to me
Track Name: Stories of the Frontier
I've got a pocket full of bobby pins
I found in my old room
And I must conclude they were left there by you

You can blame me if you want
If it makes it easier to tell all your friends
We were done before the start
And we don't know anything but the end
You're free of me tonight

We tried

I'll tell you stories of the frontiers never pathed
Just fall asleep and you will see me in the past
I'll head out west where the sand is nice and warm
I'll take a picture and send it to myself
I'll be the only one I know